Watfa: AA, internal opposition have Syrian solution

Ziyad Watfa, the member of the Executive Committee of the National Coordination Body said that the Autonomous Administration (AA) in North and East Syria and the internal opposition that has committed itself to peace and the political solution during the Syrian crisis have the greatest opportunity to meet, discuss and find a solution for the future of Syria.


Ziyad Watfa says about not finding a solution to the Syrian crisis after 8 years, "This popular movement was deviated and the democratic reform force was removed from it. The Syrian revolution turned into a violent conflict after it was a peaceful conflict. The parties of the conflict are now the military and security forces defending the regime and the Islamic force that is trying to impose the system of succession. The Syrian people have no interest with victory of one of the two sides involved in the conflict in Syria, and both parties do not represent the interest of the Syrian people."

He added in a statement to our agency, Hawar news (ANHA), "The stage that followed is the stage of the intervention of regional and foreign power to end the effectiveness of the role of the Syrian two parties for the military and political decision that delineates the reality of Syria to become at the hands of the countries involved in the Syrian issue. In this sense, the solution that had to be or get to the period of mobility is the path taken by Tunisia or Egypt, a social movement that wants to reform and change. There must have been a force in the system that would have tended to meet the demands of the people and negotiate a compromise, but all that did not happen."

The two parties did not have interest of the political solution'

He noted that in the second stage, when the conflict was between two military, violent and tyrannical parties, the two parties did not have the interest of a political solution. Each side saw its interest in the military victory, so there was no possibility of reaching a political solution even when there was Geneva meeting. "The representatives of opposition to the coalition and the representative of the regime went to Geneva with no will, conviction and interest to achieve a political solution."

He said, "The Syrian society and the Syrian state are unable to plan their future. We are in the process of drawing the future of our country. In this sense, it is not of the external sides' interests to achieve any solution that serves the interest of the Syrians to reform the system to a democratic system, but its interest is to build a political system serving the sharing of the Syrian arena."

As for the conferences that have failed so far to lay some groundwork for the discussion on how to solve and limit the Syrian crisis, he said, "The Syrian guarantors are now meeting to discuss the Syrian issue. The three guarantors are Russia, Iran and Turkey without the participation of the Syrians. There would be no hope of a political solution in the interest of the Syrians if the power of the national democratic opposition would not be able to converge and unite on a single political vision."

'Uniting the opposition will provide an opportunity to paint the future'

He stressed that in the event of unity of the Syrian national opposition force will give the Syrians an opportunity, however weak, to contribute to the drawing of their future, the other will draw the future of the country, however, foreign countries in line with the sharing of their interests in Syria and the region and become the hopes of the Syrian people for democratic change deferred"

Autonomous Administration and internal opposition have a solution to the crisis

He pointed out that the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria and the internal opposition of the believers in peaceful solution are those that have the greatest opportunity to dialogue and draw the future of Syria. In this context, Watfa said,  "The meetings and conferences do not provide solutions if the conflicting force is convinced that each party's share represents its desire or its conviction. Now, when Turkey, Iran and Russia agree to share Syria, these forces will try to impose their solutions on the which of course will not represent the ambition of the Syrian people of the democratic change unfortunately. The force of the opposition, especially the force of the opposition east of the Euphrates River, represented by the power of Autonomous Administration and the power of the opposition of the interior which committed to the peaceful and political solution have an opportunity to meet, dialogue and agree on a political vision that brings everyone out of the crisis.



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