Washington: We have no intention to change our policy towards Damascus

Commenting on the report on a secret visit by a White House official to Damascus, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that his country does not intend to change its policy towards Damascus.

Pompeo said, in a press conference held today, Wednesday, at the US State Department, that the United States will not change its policy towards the Syrian authorities to secure the release of the journalist, Austin Tice, and the other Americans in its custody.

"Our request for the Syrians is represented Mr. Tice's release and to reveal to us what they know, but they chose not to do so," Pompeo said.

The US Secretary of State continued: "We will continue to work to ensure the return of Austin Tice, indeed every detained American, but we do not intend to change the American policy in order to do so."

This statement comes after the "Wall Street Journal" said last Sunday that the US Vice President’s Assistant, Cash Patel, who is a prominent counterterrorism official at the WH, visited Damascus early this year to hold secret meetings with the Damascus government in order to investigate the release of American citizens.



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