Washington settled…Patriot not to support Turkey in Idlib

A senior official in the Pentagon has ruled out moving " Patriot missiles  " to help Turkey in the conflict in Syria's Idlib , despite the fact that there is a formal Turkish request in this regard.

"Ankara is beginning to feel that Russia is not an honest partner to rely on, and therefore Turkey will soon discover that the S-400 missile system deal with Moscow was not effective," the official told Al-Hurra TV, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Washington is aware of the importance of the strategic relations with Turkey, but NATO will not help the Turkish forces in any conflict in Syria, as the issue is a "bilateral problem."

Last Thursday, the Turkish Defense Minister, Khalousi Akar said the United States could send Patriot missiles to his country after Turkish soldiers were killed in attacks in the Idlib.

"There are threats of air strikes and missiles targeting our country," Akar told CNN. There may be support from the Patriots, but he has ruled out any land support from U.S. forces.



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