​​​​​​​Washington prepares new sanctions against Lebanese "Hezbollah" and its allies

The American Wall Street Journal, citing official and other informed political sources, announced that the United States is preparing to impose "Anti-Corruption" sanctions against Lebanese political figures, businessmen and some Hezbollah allies in Lebanon, in an attempt to "weaken" the influence of the party in the country.

The newspaper added that the bloody Beirut explosion last week, which killed more than 163 Lebanese and destroyed the city's waterfront, accelerated the movement in Washington to place the names of some political and military leaders allied with Hezbollah on the black list.

According to the newspaper's expression, the United States sees the opportunity now as "good" to isolate the party from its allies, as part of its broader campaign to contain the Iranian-backed organization.

While the newspaper reminded the US President, Donald Trump, relying on sanctions as a central tool in his administration's "Maximum Pressure Campaign" against Iran; it also indicated that some within the administration want to see the White House adopting the

The newspaper quoted an American official as saying: "I do not see how to respond to an event of this kind with anything other than maximum pressure."

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