Washington messes up Turkey, Russia and regime's plans

The United States has sent multiple messages in Syria to Turkey, Russia and the regime by maintaining a peacekeeping force that came under pressure from generals and members of the administration in US.


On Saturday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon the US decision to keep a peacekeeping force in Syria.

Al-Arab: Keeping Washington on a symbolic power in Syria is a message to Turkey, Russia and al-Assad

The newspapers said, "The US president Trump is being pressured on unconsidered withdrawal from Syria and that resulted in upholding the US presence in the East Euphrates area, even with symbolic strength in a step to send multiple messages to Turkey, Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime."

The US move came in response to various pressures, especially from the Pentagon senior generals who did not hide that the withdrawal meant allowing Russia to extend its influence in Syria, as well as opening the way for Turkey and Iran to implement agendas that radically contradict the interests of the United States and its traditional allies in the region, especially the Gulf states."

The newspaper added, "It seems that Washington has sought to provide assurances to Ankara about the post-withdrawal, and that the Kurds will not pose any threat to its security, but that did not lead to a result. The hardline of the Turkish position could be the most important element to push the Americans to review their position, and turning the US complete withdrawal from an unconsidered withdrawal would deactivate the plans of Iran whose allies in Iraq were preparing to enter the areas under the influence of the Kurds for allegations pursuing the activities of the IS organization, especially the areas that include the oil wells."

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Iraq reinforces its measures on the borders of Syria

"The Joint Operations Command in Iraq confirmed that the return of the displaced Iraqi people in Syria is under their supervision at a time when the security committee in al-Anbar governorate considered the news of the return of more than 20 thousand Iraqi people from Syria has not confirmed yet. The leadership said in a statement on Friday that it is following up the development of incidents in the border area with Syria and its possible security implications on Iraq's internal security situation."



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