Washington is in recognition of the genocide committed by Turkey against Armenians, Kurds

Speaker of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Elliot Engel and co-chair of the US Congress on Armenian Issues Frank Balloon and other prominent lawmakers publicly announced that the decision to recognize the Armenian genocide will soon be discussed before the US House of Representatives for a vote early next week, according to the Armenian National Committee. American (ANCA).

"I am sure that the government of Turkey is not satisfied with these plans, but again, we are not happy with the government of Turkey," said Elliott Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

"We welcome this move in the US House of Representatives to denounce Turkey's crime regarding the massacres committed by the Ottomans against Armenians," said Aram Hambarian, executive director of the ANCA.

"It is clear that Erdogan will not take US sanctions seriously as long as Washington has not yet recognized the Armenian genocide," he said.

US Defense Secretary Mike Esber said the United States would hold Turkey responsible for war crimes against the Kurds if the reports were confirmed.

"We have seen these reports and we are trying to follow them up," the minister said. "These are horrific, and if they prove true, they amount to war crimes," adding that he personally did not question their authenticity.





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