Washington is considering increasing sanctions on Sudan if violence escalates

Washington is considering all options, including the possibility of sanctions if violence increases in Sudan, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East African Affairs and Sudan Makela James said.


During the House of Representatives session, Makela James explained that sanctions may include visas or economic sanctions, pointing out that the US administration wants to use the appropriate tool and targeting people involved specifically. According to al-Arabiya net.

This comes after a series of meetings conducted by the US envoy to Sudan in Khartoum.

A member of the military council, Yasser al-Atta, said that the council told the American envoy rejected the control of the Forces of Freedom and Change to the Legislative Council, and does not mind any equal in the Council of sovereignty, adding that the US envoy asked not to hold elections within a year to ensure a democratic transition in the country.

For his part, Secretary General of the Sudanese Conference Party and a member of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Khaled Omar, revealed that they met with the ambassadors of Washington, Britain and Norway to discuss the developments of the crisis. He added that the position of Western countries is advanced and supportive of the demands of the Sudanese people.

The US envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, arrived in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum to hold talks with various parties in the political process and push for the resumption of direct negotiations between the military council and the Forces for Freedom and Change. He began his efforts with a series of consultations with the leaders of the Forces of Freedom and Change and the head of Transitional Military Council.



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