Washington gives choice to Ankara: Advancing relationship for abandoning S-400

The United States of America gave a choice to Turkey; either advancing security relations with it or completing the purchase of the Russian S-400 system.

The American envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, stressed that the progress of security relations with Turkey is contingent on tackling the crisis of Ankara's purchase of the Russian defense system S400.

Jeffrey added that his country is considering ways to support Turkey in the Syrian arena, noting that "all options are on the table."

Jeffrey considered that the cease-fire in Syria with Russian guarantees was temporary in the past, and this should not be the case in Idlib.

The American official continued: "I do not think that Russia and the Syrian government are interested in a permanent cease-fire in Idlib and are seeking to achieve a complete victory."

Turkey sought support from Washington and NATO following the escalation of tension with the regime and Russia in Idlib, during which Turkish soldiers were killed.

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