Washington confirms its rejection of the attack, which Accord, Turkey are preparing for

On Saturday, the US State Department renewed its rejection of foreign military intervention in Libya, stressing the need for an immediate ceasefire, confirming its rejection of the attack on which Accord government and the Turkish forces are preparing for.

And called for respecting the UN arms embargo on Libya, saying "we urge the Libyan parties to abide by the ceasefire and to resume negotiations urgently."

And also said in statements to Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper that building on the progress made by the Libyan military talks taking place, adding, "We informed al-Sarraj of our rejection of the attack that Accord Government and Turkey are preparing for."

This was the State Department made clear in a previous statement, Friday, that the hypothetical meeting that took place two days ago between the US State Department and Accord Government stressed the need to dismantle the "militias" in the country.

While I promised that "the end of the siege on Tripoli created a new opportunity and necessity to address the issue of" militias "in the east and west of Libya."

It is reported that, over the past weeks, the US administration has reiterated the necessity of a cease-fire in the war-torn country, and a return to negotiations between the conflicting parties under the cover of international laws and decisions, as well as the cessation of foreign interference.

The field situation was escalating in the capital, Tripoli, and its environs, with the pro-Ankara-backed Accord forces advancing towards some areas that were controlled by the Libyan army led by Khalifa Haftar.



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