Washington, Ankara failed to break deadlock

The United States and Turkey have failed to break a deadlock over the Russian missiles crisis and Washington has warned Ankara of sanctions if the deal continues, while Erdogan's party continues to obstacle the announcement of the opposition's victory in Istanbul.

On Wednesday morning, the international press touched upon to US-Turkish tension about the Russian missile crisis.

Erdogan's party demands to have the municipal elections once again in Istanbul

"The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's party requested the country's Elections Commission on Tuesday a re-election, after two weeks of appeals and recounting the votes in Istanbul," the New York Times reported.

The request for re-election is a final attempt by the ruling party to avoid losing control of Istanbul, the largest city and financial center in Turkey, which will deal a strong blow to Erdogan, who has been in power for 18 years and is serving 11 judges of the Supreme Electoral Council. The judiciary in Turkey has been under increasing control of the government in recent years, where hundreds of judges, prosecutors and lawyers have been imprisoned or expelled from their jobs since the alleged coup d'état."

The United States and Turkey fail to break the deadlock in their relations

For its part, the Wall Street Journal quoted from the US administration officials saying: "The United States and Turkey failed to break the deadlock in talks on Ankara's plans this summer to deploy a Russian air defense system. The Pentagon says US jets could be in danger in the area."

The Journal added, "The United States said it would impose sanctions on Turkey if the deal continues, while Turkish officials reiterated on Tuesday that the deal was signed and it is the final."



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