Warnings of children extremism if left in Syrian camps

The writer Renland Olliblanten told "Daily Telegraph newspaper " that there are fears that IS foreign fighters' children would become of an organization  to a new generation of terrorists if they were left in Syria, adding that the parents of those children who show no remorse for joining the organization may push their children towards extremism inside the camps where they are staying, and little by little they cannot be traced


The writer Renland Olliplanten of the Daily Telegraph newspaper interviewed with the head of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Elham Ahmad and confirmed that Britain must restore its citizens who have traveled to Syria or make special efforts to arrest them.

Elham added, "IS survival in our region represents a huge responsibility. We have done our duty. We have arrested and detained them. In the West, all possibilities are available to try them under the laws as they have prisons."

Elham confirmed that there are about 4,000 women and children from IS foreign families, including Shamema Begum of Benghit Green in London," which publicly shows no regrets to join the ranks of the organization.

"Most of them do not regret joining the organization and this can be seen from the way they raise their children basing on the ideology of the organization, and they still believe that the ideology of the organization is correct," she said.

In a report to the British Daily Telegraph, said that there was a very old law on treason that could be redrafted to make it easier for the prosecutors to try the returning jihadists, according to British Home Secretary Sajid Jafid. According to the report's author, the move comes amid concern and fears that terrorists and their wives cannot be held accountable when they return to Britain.

The report added that the ministers are studying several ways to prevent the return of Shamima Begum, a former British student who fled to join the organization in Syria, noting that she has given birth to her child recently and wants to return to live in Britain.

Shamima is ready to go to jail on her return to Britain, but she wants assurances that her child will be allowed to go back to Britain," she said in her latest interview.

The author of the article quoted from the British Home Secretary Sajid Javed:" He will do everything possible to prevent the return of those who hate Britain of the areas controlled by the Islamic State organization,"

Many MPs have expressed concern about the current laws, with only 40 of the 360 terrorists returned to Britain have been tried so far.

The Guardian also touched upon the call of the head of the Executive Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Elham Ahmad, to the existence an international observer force on the Turkish-Syrian border to protect the components of northern Syria from the Turkish troops' threats.

The Syrian Democratic Council - the political arms of the Syrian Democratic Forces which were responsible for liberating a great part of north and east Syria from IS organization.

The paper pointed out that Elham Ahmad leads a Kurdish delegation in Washington, Paris and London to persuade Western countries not to betray the Kurds by leaving them at risk of a Turkish attack. She said, "After all that has happened, if there is an attack by the Turkish state, we will look at those who will be silent in the face of these threats as guilty of crimes against humanity,"

"Any attempt by the Turkish state to establish a buffer zone in north Syria will be an occupation, and whatever the Turkish state wants to convince others that it will be a force for calm in the region, this is not what will happen.

As for Afrin, the Syrian city, Elham said, "We saw this in Afrin last year as they tried to erase our culture and drive people away from their homes. The Turks have committed massive massacres. Any other attack will lead to more wars, more displacement, occupation and an attempt to destroy our culture."

Elham Ahmad said, "Between 800 and 900 foreign IS fighters are held in prisons by us and about 4,000 wives and children in refugee camps. We did not say we would allow the fighters to go, but if the Turks attacked, that's right, we will fight for our existence, and we may not be able to keep them under control and may return to Europe.



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