War wounded: The so-called

War wounded in the city of Hasaka called for the inclusion of the so-called "National Army" in the lists of terrorism because of the violations committed against the people of northern and eastern Syria, and they demanded the people of Rojava to stand with their hero fighters.

Since October 9, the Turkish state, along with its mercenaries and the so-called "National Army," have committed violations and massacres against the people in northern and eastern Syria, where these mercenaries have used internationally prohibited weapons and committed war crimes against innocent civilians.

People, politicians, intellectuals, war wounded and families of martyrs are calling for the inclusion of so-called "Syrian National Army" in the lists of terrorism against the background of the crimes it commits every day.

Our agency met a number of fighters who were wounded while participating in the battles against the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Kahraman Rojava, one of the war wounded in the battles against ISIS mercenaries, said, "We, on behalf of the war wounded in Rojava, condemn this brutal Turkish aggression on northern and eastern Syria, and we condemn the massacre that was carried out against the children of Tal Rifaat. This massacre is not the first time against the Kurds, there is Halabja massacre. ".

Kahraman added, "We demand the removal of the Turkish occupation from our lands, because our land is free land. These mercenaries, supported by the Turkish aggression state, are committing crimes and massacres against the people of northern and eastern Syria, killing children, women."

Kahraman asserted, rejecting the occupation and massacres, and demanded, "We demand the inclusion of these mercenaries in the lists of terrorism. We will defend our lands until the last drop of blood runs in our veins, and we wish victory to our heroic comrades in battles and fronts."

"We ask our people in Rojava to stand up for and defend their rights, to defend the rights of fighters on the front lines, because with their demands and rights and their defense they will win," Rojava said at the end of his speech.

For his part, Baran Afrin said, "After the Turkish state's aggression with its mercenaries against Afrin and the displacement of its people, its aggression against the people of Al-Shahba and Tal Rifaat continues despite their displacement in the camps. Baran addressed those mercenaries, "you are terrorists and must be included in the lists of terrorism."

Baran Afrin added, "The people of northern and eastern Syria must stand with their heroic fighters, who have sacrificed their blood for the sake of this pure land."

As for the fighter Helen Kobani, she said, "The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation want to thwart the great achievements that took place in Rojava thanks to its hero fighters. We want our people in Rojava to reject their permanent crimes against civilians in Rojava."



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