Visits to war-wounded on 8th March occasion

Today, dozens of women from north and east of Syria and Aleppo visited the headquarters of the Women Protection Units (YPJ), the Internal Security Forces, the Military Council and the War-Wounded Care Centers to congratulate them on the 8th of March, while the Free Women Stand opened a center in Washokani camp in al-Hasakah.

Kongra Star and women institutions and committees continue organizing activities in the framework of the 8th of March activities.


Dozens of members of Kongra Star and the neighborhood's communes visited this morning the Wounded Care Center in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo city, congratulating the International Women's Day.

The visiting delegation was received by the administrator of the center Viyan Afrin who thanked the delegation for this moral support provided to the wounded.

Nergiz Bakr, the administrative member in the Women Office congratulated all women on the International Women's Day, and wished that the new year would be a year for the freedom of the leader Ocalan.

The women then presented wreaths to the Wounded Care Center.


The female members of the Health Committee, Kurdish Red Crescent and the Kongra Star visited the hospitals of Dêrik and the war-wounded, congratulating them on the International Women's Day.

During the visit, the flowers were distributed to the war-wounded and the hospitals' nurses, congratulating everyone on March 8th.


Today, the Women Council visited the wounded house, the Women Military Council's headquarter and the Internal Security Forces' headquarter in the city, and presented shields to them in tribute for them and proud of the military women who took up arms and fought the enemy on the fronts.

The members of the Women's Council congratulated the 8th of March on the fighters, and thanked them for their efforts in protecting the city.

For her part, the commander of the Internal Security Forces Suzdar Ahmed thanked the Women Council's visit and said that this visit means a lot and raises their morale, and as the Internal Security Forces, they will keep the covenant and the watchful eye to protect the homeland.


As part of the activities of the International Women's Day, the Free Women Stand has opened its office in Washokani camp by issuing a statement read in Kurdish by the administrator in the Free Women Stand's Office Yasmine Othman, and in Arabic by the Media Office of the Free Women Stand Ronaz Sheikhi. The text of the statement said:

"At first, we condemn Erdogan's policy, practices, and violations in Rojava against women, children and society, and we condemn the world's silence regarding this policy that has led to the displacement of many people.

Erdogan cannot break, with his policy, the will of the Kurdish community, especially the will of women, and we, as women of the Free Women Stand in Syria, must confront for the free life and for being an example for all women.

We, as the Free Women Stand's women in Syria, congratulate all women on this occasion by opening the Free Women Stand's Center in Washokani camp."

Then, the opening tape was cut by the mother of the martyr Resho Tolhildan, Fahima Ahmed. After that the event ended with holding the rings of al-Dabkeh.


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