Violent clashes in Yemen, international crises call for Washington to intervene

Yemen witnessed during the past hours violent clashes, where Ansar Allah Houthi group claimed control over areas in the province of Saada, while Yemeni forces backed by the Arab Alliance confirmed thwarting an attack by the group in the province of Hodeidah governorate, west of Yemen, while international crises groups called on Washington to help Saudi Arabia to get out of Yemen.

The Giants Brigades in the Yemeni army, supported by the Arab Alliance led by Saudi Arabia declared on Monday that a violent attack of Ansar Allah Houthi was thwarted in the province of Hodeidah in western Yemen.

The Media Center of the Giant Brigades quoted from its spokesman, Mamoun al-Mahjami that "the forces broke the Houthi attack which was the most violent on the sites east of the Directorate of al-Durehmi south of Hodeidah."

He added that "eight of the Houthis were killed and dozens of them were wounded in repelling their attack, in addition to inflicting losses to them in equipment."

"One soldier was killed and five other members of the joint forces were wounded in mortar shelling by Houthis, Hawazer and B-10 missiles at the positions of east of Durehmi," al-Muhajmi said.

In turn, the Ansar Allah al-Houthi group announced on Sunday the control of the positions of the Yemeni army supported by the coalition in the border province of Saada with Saudi Arabia.

The Media Center of "Ansar Allah" said on "Twitter" the group launched an offensive on the positions of the Yemeni army in al-Tala that administratively belongs to the Directorate of Kataf east of Saada and adjacent to the sector of Najran south-west of Saudi Arabia.

He added: Ansar Allah fighters took control during the operation on a number of positions of the Yemeni army, and left killed and wounded in their ranks.

In a related context, on Sunday, the International Crises Group called on, in a report, the United States to help Saudi Arabia to get out of the war in Yemen by appointing an envoy to take over this file and suspend the arms exports to Saudi Arabia.

The group said in its report that the United States should appoint an envoy to the crisis in Yemen and suspend all arms exports to Saudi Arabia until the kingdom halts its military intervention, which began four years ago against the Hothis in Yemen.

The Saudi-led military alliance in Yemen must "stop thinking about how to achieve victory on paper and instead commit itself fully to the search for a political way out, even if it means giving the Hothis in the short term more weight than they want."

"The United States should lead the way by finding its own exit," the report said.



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