Violent clashes in west Euphrates, IS closed Deir ez-Zor-al-Bu Kamal road

Violent clashes continue between the forces of the regime on the one hand and IS mercenaries on the other hand in west of the Euphrates River east of Deir ez-Zor, killing at least 45 members of the regime and 26 of IS mercenaries.


For the second consecutive day, IS mercenaries continue to attack the regime's forces west of the Euphrates River.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the mercenaries have intended since the beginning of the attack on Monday night to carrying out successive attacks in order to disrupt and confuse the regime and its allies in addition to exhausting their forces and elements as IS mercenaries’ attacks continued to reach a front of about 100 km parallel to the Euphrates River at the western banks of the river in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor governorate.

The Syrian Observatory reported that the mercenaries managed to impose control over towns and areas on the western banks of the river.

According to the Observatory, the violent battles resulted in killing at least 45 elements of the regime forces during the attacks launched by IS mercenaries on the area from al-Bolill to the west of al-Bu Kamal, in addition to killing at least 26 IS mercenaries.

IS mercenaries cut off Deir ez-Zor-al-Bu Kamal road and stopped the regime’s action in west of the Euphrates River. The clashes also left dozens of wounded, and pieces of news stated that there are captives of the two sides.



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