Violent clashes in al-Baguz, SDF besieges IS

Since Sunday evening till dawn Monday, al-Baguz village has witnessed violent clashes between IS and SDF's fighters on all axes, IS tried to obstacle SDF's progress by suicide bombers, while IS is still being trapped by SDF.


Our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) who are following the" Battle defeat of terrorism" the last stage of Al-Jazeera campaign, On Sunday evening al-Baguz village has witnessed strong clashes between IS and SDF, from 6 pm on Sunday until Monday morning, It was fiercest between 6:00 and 22:00 on Sunday evening, resulted in killing of large numbers of IS' elements.

Our correspondents explained that the fighters had destroyed the weapons stores of IS' mercenaries in al-Baguz, and flames and smoke are still rising in al-Bguz village.

Our correspondents said two suicide bombers tried to blow themselves up at the outposts, but the fighters managed to eliminate them before they reached their targets.

Correspondents also noted that IS' mercenaries are still being trapped by SDF in al-Baguz village, pointing out that the village was witnessing intermittent clashes, with fighters targeting mercenary strongholds, and that the fighters were advancing slowly, because of large numbers of mines had planted in the area.



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