Violent clashes between turkey's mercenaries and the Arab Bo Khamees tribe in Gire Sipi/ Tal Abyad

Tonight violent clashes started between Turkey's mercenaries and the Arab tribe of Bo Khamees in the countryside in Gire Sipi / Tal Abyad and as a result of these clashes 4 civilians were killed by mercenaries bullets , and two mercenaries were killed also.

Local sources from the area told our agency that hard clashes happened tonight between the Turkish occupation mercenaries so-called Ahrar El-sharkiyah and El-Jabha El-shamiyah and on the other side the Arab tribe Of Bo Khamees in the village of kherbet Elriz which locate 20KM north east the city of Gire Sipi/Tal Abyad.

According to the information the clashes happened after a group of El-jabha E-lshamiyah mercenaries assaulted on shopkeeper from the tribe of Bo Khamees called " Isa Elebid" in Khirbet Elriz village , that after the group asked for "Gas cylinder" and because there wasn’t gas the shopkeeper apologized of them but the mercenaries didn’t believe him what caused badmouthing between both sides and then the mercenaries used the weapons and shoot bullets randomly what caused an youth injured called " Mostafa El-awad " with extreme wounds and they took him to get treatment in Turkish Urfa city hospitals.

After that the people of the village gathered and expressed their angry about the acts of the mercenaries , but the mercenaries again used weapons to break up the people , according to that clahes started between people of the village and the mercenaries of Eljabha El-shamiyah and mercenaries of Ahrar Elsharkiyah came to support El-jabha Elshamiyah against Bo Khmees tribe.

As a result of that clashes that happened with light weapons 4 civilians and 2 mercenaries were killed.

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