Violations ongoing amid international silence

The Turkish occupation is consolidating its occupation of the Syrian territories and is currently working on the construction of the separation wall starting from the vicinity of the villages of Sherawa district of Afrin, as well as practicing the violations against the residents of Afrin amid international silence.

The Turkish occupation continued its violations and practices, and violated the international laws; the occupation of the territory of another state, proceeding with steps aimed at legitimizing its occupation and seeking to annex Afrin to the Turkish territory by building the separation wall, military bases and police stations in the vicinity of Afrin.

The Turkish occupation began in 2015, after Erdogan's statements and allegations of the protection of his country's borders, the construction of an artificial wall along the border of Afrin from Shia district to Rajo, while the occupation expanded the construction of the wall along the border with northern Syria from Dêrik to Afrin with the length of 760 kilometers.

The Turkish occupation justified the construction of the wall along the border by the protection of his country; however, the construction of a wall on the surrounding of ​Afrin canton confirms the intention of the occupation to divide the Syrian territory and its attempt to annex Afrin to the state of Hatay.

The Turkish practices escalated the resentment and anger of the people who expressed their position in front of the Russian reconciliation center and demanded to put an end to the violations and to exit the Turkish occupation from Afrin in addition to calling for the Syrian regime to express its attitude and not allow repeating the scenario of Iskenderun.

Wall of 900 meters length

The Turkish occupation began nearly a week ago with the construction of a 900-meter-long separation wall extending from the environs of Kimar village, passing through the villages of Jelbereh and Meryamin and at a height of 3 meters.

Prior to the construction of the wall, the occupation forces demolished 15 houses in Jelbereh village, the village's school and the water tank. They also razed the surrounding of the villages using bulldozers, dug trenches, placed the wall and built military bases and police posts in these villages.

Violations behind walls

Inside Afrin city and its villages, the Turkish occupation is seeking to blur the facts and the violations committed against the people, while it does not allow the media outlets and human rights organizations to investigate the situations in Afrin.

The occupation and its mercenaries are still imposing taxes between 50,000 and 400,000 Syrian pounds on those who are proven to have a weapon, even for hunting, or whose names were involved in one of the arms licensing documents of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of Afrin.

Furthermore, the occupation mercenaries in the village of Tellf in Janders district confiscate 100-300 kg of each car carrying olive wood.

Royalties on plowing olive fields

As the season of plowing olive groves started, the inhabitants of the villages of Atmana, Shadia, Qudah, Gooliya, Barbaneh and Hassen in Rajo district began to plow the orchards; however, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, especially al-Hamzat mercenaries imposed taxes of 100 S.P on each tree.


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