Violations of Turkish-backed terrorists against Afrin people continue

The Turkish-backed terrorists and mercenaries violations continue in Afrin canton where they kidnap and burn the agricultural lands of the people of Afrin deliberately.

According to local sources from inside Afrin, the fate of 3 citizens who have been kidnapped since 3 years from the Demliya village of Mobata district is still unknown, the citizens are Ahmad Hamoda, Jiker Hussein Khalil, and Luqman Hussien Mahmod.

In the same context, the sources said that in Shera District the mercenaries kidnapped the old man Aboud Hanan from Mareska village and took him to an unknown place.

In Mobata District, local sources said that the Turkish occupation set the fire deliberately in the lands of the people there in the villages of Merkan, Brimja, Kakhera and Rota, it is noteworthy that the gangs of the occupation and its mercenaries had set the fire in the lands of the same villages and resulted in huge damages in the villagers' property.



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