Violations are ongoing, plans are being prepared behind scenes by occupation 

The violations of the Turkish state and its mercenaries are still continuing in Afrin canton such as: Kidnapping, imposing extra taxes, and exploitation of civilians and exhume archaeological hills, where more than 1,500 mercenaries were transferred with their families to the cities of Azaz and al-Bab.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries violate the rights of civilians and international conventions. They carry out kidnappings of civilians, stealing of monuments, looting and stealing of civilian 's properties, where legal and humanitarian parties still remained silent towards what is happing there.

In addition to, more than 3,000 civilians had kidnapped, including children and women a year ago, since the occupation of Afrin canton, and Turkish occupation's mercenaries are ongoing to kidnap civilians for ransom and blackmail the people.

According to a source, the Turkish occupation's mercenaries kidnapped five days ago, 18 civilians from the villages of Mobata district, and took them to an unknown destination.

The names of the abductees are: Khubat Mustafa Shahin, Damhat Fakhri Hamo from Kobka village, Zakaria Nabi Shahin, Fakhri Mohi al-Din Hamo, Mustafa Ashraf Hamoush, Ibrahim Hamoush from the village of Sheikh Kila, Mohi al-Din Qara from Afraz village, Salah Maamo, Khubat Hussein and Mustafa Aqil, and Ibrahim Gilo from the village of Kulika. "

According to the source, the abductees their fate is still anonymous

Extra taxes were imposed

The Turkish occupation's mercenary gangs have been robbing and looting civilians' properties and imposing extra taxes on them, as the Turkish occupation has not paid the salaries of its mercenaries, being forced them for the looting of civilian's properties.

The mercenaries go to Azaz, al-Bab

In turn, a source confirmed that 30 military vehicles go out yesterday from Janders district towards the cities of Azaz and al-Bab.

While the Turkish occupation transferred 1,500 mercenaries with their families from Afrin to the cities of Azaz and al-Bab north of Aleppo, after a meeting held by the Turkish intelligence in the village of Juban in Rajo district, no more information about the reasons for exit.



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