Videoed ... 1500 hectares of agricultural fields turn into ashes

The massive fires in more than one village in the northern Kobanî affected hundreds of hectares of wheat, barley and trees.

Agricultural land turned into ashes where fields belonging to citizens in villages in northern Syria, due to fires that erupted last Saturday.

In the center of Kobanî canton, the fires spread to about 7 kilometers and 2 kilometers wide, to burn 1,300 hectares in villages, Qajar, Birmala and Haj Bakr alone, in an unprecedented incident in the region.

At the same time, the villages of Jishan, Thalak, Qara Mugh, and Ain But, east of the canton witnessed the burning of agricultural land for an area of 150 hectares.

As the sun went down, more than 50 hectares of fire broke out in the village of Dehaban near the town of Kobanî. Fire engines and tractors, along with hundreds of farmers and villagers, dispersed among the villages in the south and east of the canton.

ANHA agency was able to photograph aerial scenes of agricultural fields that were turned into ashes by unexplained fires, while Daesh announced in an article published by al-Nabaa newspaper that they had claimed the responsibility of the burn of the crops of wheat and barley in Syria and Iraq.



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