​​​​​​​Vegetable market in Amuda well received by citizens

The inauguration of the women's grocery market in Amuda has resulted in a qualitative shift in the economic work of women, giving way to dozens of women to work, and witnessed a demand from the people since the first day, for its low prices commensurate with the income of the people.

In order to provide job opportunities and help families to secure their needs, the Autonomous Administration and economic committees are working to open self-sufficient economic projects

Among the projects that improve the living conditions of women in particular, and secure job opportunities for them, is the grocery market project by the Women's Economy Committee of the Kongra Star in Amuda.

The project aims to break the price and the monopoly of some trader. This market has witnessed a great demand by the people since the first day of its opening on the 15th of May, as it sells kinds of vegetables and fruits, in addition to foodstuffs, detergents, lotions and women's supplies, while a department was for the sale and rental of Kurdish folkloric clothing.

The sales mechanism is supervised by the two departments of the Women's Economy Committee, while 10 women work alternately between morning and evening hours and receive varying wages, and the market remains open until seven o'clock in the evening every day.

Grocer is provided by orchards and cooperative societies affiliated with the Women’s Economy Committee located in the Dêrik region, in the areas of Tirbespiyê and Amuda, and foodstuffs and detergents are provided from " Dem Sal factories" located in the area of Derbasiyah.

The project opens the way for women to work

The administrative committee of the Women’s Economy Committee in Amuda District, Suad Na’san, explained to our agency ANHA that their goal of opening the market is to sell supplies at cost, reduce the burdens of citizens, and the monopoly in light of the difficult economic conditions in the region.

Suad indicated: The step opens the way for women to rely on themselves by providing them with job opportunities.

According to the Economic Committee, a vegetable storage warehouse is slated to open

Worker Amal Muhammad from Qamishlo encouraged all women to work and rely on themselves to achieve their self-sufficiency, describing the nature of their work in the market as "positive".

Meanwhile, the shopper, Joza expressed her satisfaction and happiness at the opening of the market, and said, "The market is good for us because we can buy all our needs at the lowest prices."

On the prices of materials available in the market, she explained that the prices are commensurate with their financial situation. This pushes the owners of other stores to reduce the prices of their materials.



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