Vast participation from Aleppo, al-Shahab's women in Kongra Star campaign

In the city of Aleppo, 31 meetings of women were held within 14 days, as part of the campaign launched by Kongra Star Coordination on August 8, which was widely welcomed by the people. In al-Shahba, Kongra Star conference seeks to intensify meetings and lectures on Turkish threats.

Kongra Star coordination in Rojava announced a campaign under the slogan "Keep your Land and Dignity and Defeat the Occupation and ISIS" to condemn the Turkish occupation on northern and eastern Syria, on August 8, and therefore all the women of the three regions (Afrin, Kobani, Al-Jazeera), they announced their joining the campaign.

The campaign witnessed an intensive turnout by women, which included a variety of activities, including denouncing statements by women working in institutions, in addition to organizing demonstrations in all cities, and erecting tents to protest the Turkish threats.

In the city of Aleppo, the Kongra Star organized 31 meetings for women in 14 days, in all active communes in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhoods in the western and eastern sections.

The meetings focused on explaining recent developments in the north and east of Syria, the role of women in confronting the Turkish occupation army's attacks on Afrin and al-Shahba areas, and protecting the gains of northern and eastern Syria.

In order to evaluate the meetings held by (ANHA) agency, the meeting was held with the Administrator Committee of the Kongra Star in Aleppo city, Hevin Suleiman, who noted the meetings held in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud, and included listening to the views of the people and responding to their questions about the political situation in the region and listening to their criticism in all respects.

Hevin Suleiman said that the campaign witnessed an intensive turnout by women members of all civil society organizations.

In al- Shahba district, in addition to the various activities that were held during the campaign, lectures were organized for women on Turkish threats and the practices of the Turkish occupation army against the people, especially women in Afrin.

In this context, our agency ANHA met with a member of the Kongra Star of the region of Afrin in al-Shahba canton, Fatima Suleiman, who said: "After the announcement of the campaign in Kobani region, we organized demonstrations condemning the Turkish occupation in addition to other events to complement the announcement of the Kongra Star in the cantons of Al- Jzaeera and Kobani"

Addressing their future activities in the campaign, Fatima Suleiman said: "To complement the campaign, meetings and training courses will be held in all respects to urge the enhancement of the role of women in repelling the attacks of the Turkish occupation."

In conclusion, Fatima Suleiman pointed out that the campaign launched a month ago which witnessed an intensive turnout by women and members of institutions and "we will continue our activities until the expulsion of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from Afrin."




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