Various celebrations, events in N, E Syria on Ocalan's birthday

Today, residents of Afrin region, Dêrik area and Tirbe Spiyê district related to Qamishlo as well as al-Raqqa city celebrated the anniversary of 70 birthday of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.


Several celebrations were held in the villages and districts of al-Shahba including: Babens, Ahdath, Tal Qarah, Fafin, Berxwedan, Serdem and Awda camps.

In this context, schoolchildren and members of the Martyrs' Families planted 15 olive and cypress trees in the camp of Berxwedan, in addition to presenting revolutionary songs there.

While the students planted 35 cypress and olive trees and in the camp of Serdam, in addition to the planting of 45 trees in the Resistance of the Age martyrs shrine.

The residents of Afrin, who live in Tal Rifat and Sherawa area, planted 15 olive and cypress trees in the Al-Awda refugee camp. Then a member of Kongra Star Leyla Mohammed read a statement referring to the need to fight for the freedom of Ocalan.

The co-chair of Tal Rifat district council Hanan Mohammed spoke of Ocalan's life, noting that since his youth, Ocalan has realized that the people of the region are oppressed and must fight for his freedom.

A public ceremony was held by the Kongra Star in the center of Ahras district in the presence of hundreds of residents. It began with a number of speeches by a member of the Martyrs' Families Council Thoraya Habash, a member of the Kongra Star Rokan Alo and member of Afrin Council Fidan Abdo.

The words pointed out that the day of April 4 is the day of the birth of freedom of the oppressed peoples and that "the day of April 4 means a lot to us, we consider it the day of the birth of freedom and salvation from injustice."

Afterwards, some songs about Ocalan were played as well as some dances of the Kurdish folklore.


Thousands of residents of Dêrik, all components and villages of Koçerat, arrived at the self-defense duty center in the village of Khana Seri, Dêrik district, to celebrate Ocalan's birthday.

The celebration began with a minute of silence, and then an audio recording including one of the conversations of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan was played. The villagers then planted 150 trees at the center of the duty of self-defense, followed by the administrator speech at the Kongra Star in Qamishlo canton Ayhan Murad, she congratulated all the oppressed and eager peoples for freedom and all peoples in northern and eastern Syria and the military forces on this occasion.

"The birth of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is the beginning of a new life for all peoples who call for democracy and humanity, and the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan is the salvation of peoples from colonial rule."

The director of the Martyrs' Families in Dêrik Nayef Hassou also congratulated the peoples of northern and eastern Syria on this day, stressing that all conspiracies against the Kurdish people failed thanks to "the thought and philosophy of the leader of the democratic nation Abdullah Ocalan."

The celebration continued with performances by the Serhad Band of the Aram Tekran Center for Culture and Art in Girkê Legê, and Judi band in Dêrik. And the singer Serdar Birindar from Rustem Judy Camp in Başûr also performed a number of songs.

The ceremony ended with Judy band of Dicle Center for Culture and Art in Dêrik and dancing Dabka.

Tirbe Spiyê

Hundreds of people in Tirbe Spiyê celebrated the birth anniversary of Ocalan considering it birth of unity of the people, in the Roj Club in the district.

The ceremony started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. Then, the administration of the Martyrs' Families, Noufa al-Ka'oud, said that thousands of sons and daughters of northern and eastern Syria "carried the thought of Ocalan and found in his person the savior of the problems suffered by the Middle East region, today components meet to celebrate his birthday."

"Ocalan has undertaken to liberate society with all its categories and components, to develop the theory of brotherhood of peoples and co-existence, and was the best option for the components," she said.

Then the people danced Dabka to conclude the ceremony with cheers calling for the freedom of Ocalan and blessed his birthday.


In the same context, the Office of Public Military Relations in the city of al-Raqqa organized a celebration in the city in which members of civil and military institutions, elders and dignitaries of the tribes of al-Raqqa and dozens of residents participated.
During which the elders and dignitaries of the tribes of al-Raqqa blessed the birthday of the leader on all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, calling him "the leader of humanity".
"Today we celebrate the birthday of a leader who sacrificed himself for the liberation of peoples from injustice and tyranny," said Sheikh Ayed al-Hadi, Sheikh of Al-Mousa Al-Zaher clan. "Today, we have achieved freedom, brotherhood and peace thanks to his thought and philosophy.

Al-Hadi called on the international community and human rights organizations to move to lift the isolation of Ocalan and his freedom from the prisons and detention centers of fascist Turkey, and said: "The world must take a humanitarian stand on violations against Ocalan."


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