US State Department says: democratic principles must be respected

Commenting on the removal of the AKP authorities from the mayors of three municipalities in Kurdish cities in Bakur Kurdistan, the US State Department spokeswoman said that Turkey should abide by democratic principles and called on Turkey to dialogue with Kurdish communities.

During the daily press briefing of State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagos, she spoke about the situation in the Middle East, as well as the current situation in Turkey.

Responding to a journalist's question about the removal of the AKP authorities from three democratically elected mayors in three Kurdish-majority cities, Ankara's arrest of more than 400 people and Washington's view of negotiations between the Turkish government and Turkey's Kurds, Morgan Ortagos said: In general, and anywhere in the world, when it comes to deporting elected officials and replacing them with unelected officials, we believe our opinion on these matters is clear, so what we hope is to see Turkey resolve this issue in a manner consistent with its commitment to democracy. ”

"Of course, we always encourage Turkey to take a broad approach by engaging in dialogue with Kurdish communities."

The AKP authorities removed the mayors of Amed, Wan and Mardin, who were elected by the people, took control of these municipalities and appointed instead AKP agents.

Accordingly, the European Union expressed its deep concern over the "repressive measures" taken by the Turkish authorities against the mayors elected by the people in Bakur (north Kurdistan) under the pretext of combating terrorism. The Union considered that these actions were "politically motivated."

A statement issued on Monday by the representative of the European Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that "the dismissal and arrest of local politicians and the appointment of subordinates to the Authority, depriving voters of political representation at the local level and strongly threatens to damage local democracy," and considered that such actions would put the results of doubt Democratic elections held on 31 March.

For its part, Human Rights Watch considered that the Turkish authorities control of municipalities in Bakur (north Kurdistan) flagrant violation of the rights of voters and suspension of local democracy.

"The government of President Erdogan canceled the results of the March local elections in the three main cities in the Kurdish regions by isolating the legitimate elected mayors," said Hugh Williamson, the organization's director for Europe and Central Asia.

" the discredit of legitimate mayors by claiming to have vague links to terrorism to deprive the Kurdish population of their chosen representatives puts anyone who is committed to democratic elections, human rights and the rule of law in Turkey at risk," said Williamson.



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