US forces established 2 bases in Qamishlo

The US forces established on Wednesday two bases in each of Qamishlo city and Tirbê Spiyê district.

On Wednesday, a US convoy of approximately 20 trucks loaded with military equipment and several armored vehicles entered northern and eastern Syria through al-Walid crossing in Tel Koçer district, accompanied by the Internal Security Forces. After that, a number of the forces concentrated in the eastern of Tirbê Spiyê district, while the rest of the forces headed towards a village in Qamishlo city.

According to an informed source, the US forces have established two bases, the first in Tirbê Spiyê district and the second in Himo village west of Qamishlo city.

This move is considered the first of its kind after the Turkish occupation launched its aggression on northern and eastern Syria in October 9.


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