U.S. Defense: Turkey will not get F-35 after purchasing S-400

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Turkey would not get US F-35s because of its purchase of the Russian defense system S-400.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper told in a news conference that "Turkey will not get the American F-35 fighters after purchasing the Russian defense system has S-400."

In response to a question about the possibility of India's access to the Russian system S-400 also, the minister said that the US administration is studying each issue separately.

"Turkey is in a different position because it has been a NATO member for some time now, and there has been agreement among NATO members not to follow this path. India is a different history. We are studying case by case, and we are committed to fighting America's enemies," Sputnik said.

The first parts of the S-400 Russian air defense system arrived at a military base northwest of Ankara, and the deal caused a crisis in relations between Turkey and the United States, and Washington demanded to abandon the deal in exchange for the purchase of U.S Patriot systems, threatening to delay or cancel the sale of the latest F-fighters -35 "to Turkey.

However, Ankara refused to make concessions.

In response to the deal, the White House announced that Turkey's purchase of the S-400 made it impossible to keep Ankara on the F-35 warplanes program.


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