US commander: Collaboration with SDF against ISIS remains strong

 The Associated Press quoted a senior commander in the US coalition as saying that the partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces remains strong and focused on fighting the mercenaries of ISIS.

The relationship between SDF and the United States, which dates back to 2014, has been strained after President Donald Trump last month ordered US troops out of northern Syria, opening the way for a Turkish invasion of SDF-protected towns and villages along the border.

On Friday, US forces reportedly completed their withdrawal from Kobani, a border region where the partnership against ISIS was strengthened in 2014, and the Russians moved to replace them.

Air Force Commander Eric Hill told The Associated Press that ISIS "poses a global threat" and that a partnership with SDF is still necessary against ISIS.

"So I don't think the work is complete. We still have to go after them and eliminate them anywhere we can find them," he said in a telephone interview from Baghdad.

 “ISIS is trying to regroup and find new funding. They continue to interact with supporters on social media and continue to plan attacks through their branches around the world,” Hill said.

“Syria and Iraq remain the main center of all ISIS operations. This is where ISIS lives and where they coordinate their terrorist acts.”

"We have been working with the SDF for a long time and we continue to train and work with them now, so I think the partnership remains strong with them," Hill said....



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