US Army: Hezbollah is able to launch attack yesterday, and Iran will take charge

The US military said that the Iraqi Hezbollah brigades are the only ones capable of launching an attack yesterday on the Taji base where American soldiers are present, noting that "Iran must understand that it will take responsibility for the actions of its militias."

General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, said Thursday that the Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq was the only armed organization capable of launching an attack on the Taji base, north of Baghdad.

He also indicated that the missile attack that targeted the Iraqi base yesterday was probably carried out by Shiite groups, explaining that the Americans and the British who were killed in Iraq yesterday were members of the army.

He stressed that "Iran must understand that it will bear responsibility for what its militias do."

"Iran is still the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world," he said, adding that the national defense strategy is to work with partners to deny the Iranian regime all means to obtain nuclear weapons and neutralize Iran's malign influence.

He also clarified that "since May 2019, Iranian proxies and militias in Iraq have stepped up attacks on US interests and have conducted dozens of reconnaissance flights with drones near US and Iraqi bases."

Kenneth McKenzie noted that he believed Iran's goal was to get the United States out of Iraq as part of a larger plan.

This comes after 18 rockets landed on the Taji military base, which includes American soldiers north of Baghdad, killing two American and British soldiers and an American contractor, according to what a US military official revealed.


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