US agency: Turkey changes its foreign policy, wary of sanctions and Biden's victory

US agency report revealed that Turkey has begun to change its foreign policy by repairing relations with Saudi Arabia and Western countries, for several reasons, most notably the concern about the threat of European sanctions and the victory of the US President-elect, Joe Biden.

A report by the American "Bloomberg" agency said that Turkey seeks to repair its relations with its traditional allies in the West and the rest of the regional powers, such as Saudi Arabia.

The reason for this, according to the agency, is due to the currently raging Turkish-Russian conflict, the threat of European sanctions, and the victory of the US President-elect, Joe Biden.

The Bloomberg report pointed to the growing disagreement between the interests of Ankara and Moscow, which was represented in the arena of the Libyan conflict, Syria, and the Azerbaijan-Armenian war.

In addition to the Russian threat, President Trump is scheduled to leave office on January, who supported some of Erdogan's policies against Russia.

Instead of Trump, Biden will be in the White House, who opposes Ankara's policies and has expressed support for the Turkish opposition.

Erdogan appeared more conciliatory through his recent statements, as he said, Sunday: "We do not have problems with any country or institution that cannot be solved through politics, dialogue and negotiations."

The Turkish president urged the European Union to help overcome obstacles hindering Turkey's accession to the Union, and special arrangements regarding customs and visa-free travel.

As Erdogan said, "We express the same desire in relations with our ally America."

On the other hand, Erdogan tried to mitigate the dispute with NATO over the Russian S-400 system to avoid sanctions, by separating the Russian-made air defense system from NATO systems.

The report also indicated that Erdogan sent his envoy to Brussels to de-escalate tensions with the European Union.

The Bloomberg report also added that Erdogan expressed his desire to repair relations with Saudi Arabia during a phone call with King Abdullah, after two years in which relations between Riyadh and Ankara were strained due to the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in his country's consulate in Istanbul.

The European summit, which will be held on December 10, will address the deteriorating relationship with Ankara and Turkey's actions in the eastern Mediterranean.

The European Parliament’s non-binding decision this week supported the Cyprus request that urges the leaders of the bloc to “take action and impose severe sanctions in response to Turkey’s illegal actions” in order to strengthen France's efforts to impose EU sanctions on Turkey over the dispute over energy resources in Turkey. The eastern Mediterranean and the overall Turkish approach towards Europe.



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