U.S. accuses Syria of procrastination in drafting constitution  

United States and many western allies have accused the Syrian government of intentionally delaying the formation of a new constitution to gain time until the presidential elections scheduled in 2021, to avoid voting under the supervision of United Nations as was called for by the Security Council.

Deputy U.S. ambassador Richard Miles called on the UN Security Council '' "to do whatever we can do" to prevent Damascus government from putting the obstruction in drafting new constitution in 2020, according to the Associated Press.

Trump's administration believes that Assad's hope is to ''obstacle the work'' of the UN special envoy to Syria, Gier Pederson.

The U.S. envoy Miles urged Perderson to '' take any measures are suitable to ease efforts made by all parties and to define who impedes progress''. 

Miles said '' Syria is never prepared to run free, fair and transparent elections that includes the participation of the Syrian sects, so for this reason, we need the Constitutional Committee to be active, and for the United Nations to accelerate its planning to guarantee the credibility of the next Syrian elections''.

From his part, the German ambassador Christoph Heusgen described Assad's tactics as '' procrastination and obstruction'' with reference to the work of the Constitutional Committee as ''abhorring'. 

Heusgen said that Syria's tactics are clear, adding that '' they want to gain time until the presidential election in 2021, but the elections will not recognize if held in such circumstances''. 

France ambassador Nicolas de Rivière also criticized '' Assad's rejection to engage with a good will'' and called on him to prepare to run elections that supervised by the United Nations, and to re-round people, saying that they will not recognize the result of elections that do not commit to this articles, stressing that:'' we will not be misled by the regime to legitimize itself''.    

Russian ambassador Vasily Nebenzya did not point out to the presidential elections scheduled in April, saying that Syrian must be granted'' a chance to negotiate without any external interference''.

And said '' the job of the Constitutional Committee must not abide on any final dates,'' expressing that he hopes that Pederson's mediation to proceed the work of the committee'' in line with the agendas that were agreed upon by Syrians''.



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