Unthinkable devastation caused by Turkish occupation shelling on Zerghan, Tal Tamar 

The Turkish occupation army has destroyed 14 schools, many mosques, churches, shrines and service institutions in the areas of Tel Tamer and Zerghan since its occupation of the Serêkaniyê area in October 2019, thus continuing the series of war crimes that it started with the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011.

The bombing of the Turkish occupation army, in addition to the displacement of the people and the destruction of their property, deprived the children of the targeted areas of education, as it destroyed and made out of service 9 schools in Tal Tamr district, which are “Al-Dardara School, the Assyrian Tal Juma’a School, Al-Abush School, and Umm School.” Al-Kif, Qabr Al-Qarajneh School, Al-Kawzliya School, the two Assyrian Tell Tawil Schools, and Al-Dishishah School.

In the Zarkan district, 5 schools were destroyed: "Arada, Zarkan Elementary, Tell Ghazil, Al-Asadiya, and Harmal".

The Turkish occupation army’s attacks and crimes were not limited to schools, but also targeted places of worship and shrines in the area, as it targeted the “Mosque of Al-Towliya Village, Al-Dardara Village Mosque, and Mar Sawa Church in the Assyrian Village of Tal Tawil”, in addition to the Assyrian Shrines of “Tal Shanan and Tal Juma’a”, It also targeted "the mosque of Al-Asadiya village and the Great Mosque in the center of Zerghan district."

In addition, the occupation targeted community institutions and vital service facilities in both districts, "Tal Tamer and Zerghan", where the People's Assembly and the municipality of Qabr al-Qarajneh affiliated to Tal Tamr district were destroyed, and electric current networks and the electricity transmission center of Tal Tamr were destroyed more than 25 times, causing deprivation about 50 villages in the area between "Tal Tamer and Zergahan" have been cut off from the electricity for more than a year and a half.

The lecturer in the academies of the democratic society, Ahmed Haidar, confirms that the Turkish occupation army committed war crimes against the residents of the region by targeting public and vital facilities, and said: "All of this is taking place before the eyes of the world, the countries and the guarantor powers."

Haidar returns the continuation of the Turkish occupation state's crimes against the residents of north and east Syria, to "the silence of the guarantor forces and the international community, led by UNESCO. The silence of these organizations, international bodies and the guarantor forces is the reason to allow the occupation and its mercenaries to continue these crimes against the region."

Haidar stressed that it is a violation of international laws, charters and treaties, calling on the community and international forces to break their silence and shoulder their responsibilities in implementing the laws and carrying out their humanitarian duty towards the north and east of Syria and its residents.



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