​​​​​​​ Unprecedented changes in Damascus government

 New changes and unprecedented political and media events occur in the Syrian government, paving the way for changes for a new phase, as analysts believe that the current stage within the government is a prelude to upcoming presidential elections in light of the political and media failure the country is witnessing.

 The news outlets reported the appointment of the media figure, Luna Al-Shibl, as a special advisor in the Republican Palace in addition to her previous duties, to be confirmed later. She, in turn, removed Amjad Issa from the press office at the Republican Palace, and appointed the "expert in the Turkish file, Osama Shahoud, this step sheds light on the fate of Chancellor Buthaina Shaaban, who has held the status of a political and media advisor for years.

 Analysts raised several questions answered by a political analyst for our ANHA agency, who preferred not to reveal his name for security reasons: “From the first moments of the appointment of Al-Shibl, it is being discussed whether her appointment means the removing or terminating Shaaban's services, who in some way represent a link with Iran.  ".

 Shaaban spoke in her last article about the American role in the region, in the same way that the Iranian media use, while the official speeches of the government adhere to a discourse that adopts a kind of moderation based on certain settlements in which the American is referred to only as an opponent in politics, not as a "comprehensive enemy."  "In the usual manner of the Iranian speech that Buthaina Shaaban utters in her articles and statements.

 In addition, during the past few days, Damascus has witnessed comprehensive events in all aspects of the media work and in the Syrian media institutions and agencies, as new appointments were made, followed by the director of the largest Syrian printing institutions, namely the Al-Wehda Foundation, the TV and Radio Production Corporation, the Syrian and news channel directors, the director of photo news and the director  Damascus Radio, the Directorate of Programs, the Syria Drama Channel, the editor-in-chief of the Tishreen newspaper, the appointment of a new assistant to SANA, and the appointment of a new advisor to the Minister of Information, who was hosted in the presidential palace, accompanied by his parents, named Mudhar Ibrahim.

 In this context, the death of Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem at 79 on the night of Sunday, Monday, which last appeared at the opening of the conference for the return of refugees organized by Damascus with Russian support, last Wednesday and Thursday, came as a new transformation within the institutions of the Syrian government.

 The political analyst, who declined to be named, says that Al-Muallem was one of the veteran senior diplomats who brought the two allies of Iranian and Russian Damascus together, unlike Shaaban, who represents Iranian discourse, and Al Shibl, who represents the Russian mouthpiece.

 The analyst adds that the next stage that Syria will witness with these major changes in the basic pillars of Syrian politics can be described as a prelude to the upcoming presidential elections and the failure of the political and media mechanism together, which had to be replaced, and the appropriate tools were put in the right place, including media professionals and advisors alike,  With the position of the Al-Muallem remaining vacant and the occupation of this position, it carries other developments that may reveal more details and alliances to come. "



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