Unknown gunmen shoot a woman in Rumailan town

A woman was shot in the head on 1 July in the town of Rumailan and taken to the National Hospital in Qamishlo for treatment.

The citizen(F H) 45 years old, was seriously injured in the head after being shot in her home at about 06:00, after her husband left for work. According to a source close to the family, her 22-year-old daughter heard the scream of her mother, then she saw her mother lying on the floor and covered with blood.

According to the daughter of (FH) she did not hear the sound of fire, and believed that the use of a silencer weapon.

According to the doctors of the National Hospital in the city of Qamishlo that the status of citizenship (FH) is critical and still shot in the head.

The Internal Security Forces immediately began investigations into the circumstances of the case.



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