Unknown fate of a baby Turkey kidnapped from the bosom of his parents!

A family from Afrin tells bitterly their story as their son was robbed by the Turkish police and hospitals. In order to hide the crime, they tried to charge them, imprisoned them, and then expelled them from Turkey.

The story of Agid Habash, a resident of the village of Ramadano in Shia district of Afrin canton, recounts the smuggling and trafficking of human organs in the Turkish state.

Habash, like other Syrians, was forced to migrate to Turkey in 2017 in search of a job.

Agid lived in a neighborhood of Istanbul and worked to secure a living for him and his family, and the tragedy of the family began after they had twin babies, and says in this regard, "God gave me twins, two boys, and shortly after their birth one of them fell ill and we went to one of the hospitals in the region. They took the baby to the examination room, doctors went in and out of the room, and after a few minutes they came to me and said in cold blood; “your son died.”

Here, Agid went mad at the doctors and the hospital. He immediately demanded to see his son and his body to make sure that he really died. However, the hospital refused to do so. Agid clashed with the police, the hospital administration and the doctors to reach his son, but to no avail.

To hide their crime, the police and the hospital administration tried to blame Agid and his wife. They were imprisoned for two consecutive months. During this period, the Turkish police brought a paper and asked him to sign, but he refused because he did not know what to sign. Afterwards, he realized that paper was to take the child from his mother in prison and impose a long-term prison on the mother.

The prison where he was held included many Syrians, most of whom did not even know what they were accused of.

Agid believes that their son is still alive, but the Turkish authorities tried to completely obliterate the issue by completely expelling Agid and his family from Turkey. He was deported to Janders district in Afrin canton, to begin a new story of suffering with mercenaries.

When Agid arrived in Janders, he went to his family's home, but he found his home occupied by the "Ahrar Sharqia" mercenaries who refused to vacate the house and threatened to kill him, forcing him to live in the house of a friend.

During his stay in Janders, he witnessed and heard many stories of abuse against residents, where he met a friend who was beaten by mercenaries because he could not pay the taxes imposed on him, breaking his back and paralyzing him.

After that, Agid decided to find a way out of Afrin. He went out on a motorcycle from Janders to the village of Fafertin. On the road, at the checkpoints of the mercenaries, they took the motorbike in exchange for taking them out of Afrin. He agreed, and walked for two hours until they reached the village of Ghondi Mazin.

Agid's wife also suffered injustice, where she was imprisoned for three months in Turkey, and witnessed in the prison many cases and violations against the Syrians, including the incident of a woman born in prison, so they took her and her child and did not mention her fate.

Agid's family now lives in Al-Awda camp in Sherawa district in Afrin.



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