“Unity ensures better future for Kurds”

Women jurists, intellectuals and politicians in Afrin region called on the Kurdish parties for the unity, stressing that unity ensures better future for the Kurds in all fields.

The Kurdish people, throughout Kurdistan geography, are subjected to attacks and plots target their existence, while the Kurds in Rojava are subjected to the deadliest attacks and policies that aim to annihilate them and strike the gains they have made thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs.

 In the light of this, and the need for the Kurdish unity to face these plots, the Commander-in-Chief of the SDF launched a unity initiative that had the acceptance and welcoming of the Kurdish people in Rojava.

 Amid the high voices demanding from the Kurdish parties to meet and beware of what is going down against the Kurds.

Human rights activist Avin Haji Hamou said: “The entire Middle East is witnessing major conflicts and crises, in which many international and regional powers overlap, and in the midst of these crises, there are large plots being hatched against the Kurds, so the Kurdish people must be vigilant about this.

 “During the first and second world wars, the Kurds had an effective role, but with the end of the war, the countries shared the geography of Kurdistan and gathered to strike their rights, so the Kurds, at this stage, must work on their unity and achieve their rights,” Avin said.

 “The initiative came at a stage that requires the unity of the Kurdish row, and the parties should strive to do so because it is the best model for defending the homeland and the people,” Avin said about the initiative of Mazloum Abdi.

From her part, the member the Future Syria Party , Afrin branch, Sherin Jawish said about the stance of some Kurdish parties from the unity: “Unless the parties and the Kurdish powers strife for the unity, no other power can help them.”

Sherin called on the Kurdish parties to make concessions for each other to get to the safety and untie the complexities that govern their relations.

In the context of speaking about the unity, the member of the Intellectuals Union in Afrin Canton, Suzan Muhammad, called the Kurdish intellectuals for the unity through their writings and activities.

She said in the case the Kurdish people joining together, we will achieve a better future for the Kurdish people at all levels.



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