UNICEF: 27 children killed, injured in 10 days in Yemen

The (UNICEF) said 27 children have been killed and wounded in Yemen over the past 10 days.

Seven children were killed last Friday in an attack on a fuel station in the Mawiya district of Taiz province in southwestern Yemen, and another in Sanaa as a result of the shelling, the Executive Director of UNICEF said in a statement late Sunday.

"This attack has raised the number of children killed and injured by the upsurge in violence over the past 10 days to 27 children," Henrietta Fur said, adding that these figures are the only ones the United Nations has been able to confirm because the actual figures are much higher, Russia Today.

The Executive Director of UNICEF did not specify who was responsible for the attack on the fuel station in Taiz, which killed 12 civilians, including seven children.

"There is no safe place for children in Yemen," she said. "The conflict is chasing them in their homes, schools and places of play."

Henrietta Fore reiterated her call on warring parties and those with influence, the Security Council and the international community to work to end this conflict, to protect children at all times and to keep them away from harm.



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