Under the name police Turkish occupation deploys its agents in Girê Spî

The Turkish occupation began deploying agents to it in the city of Girê Spî, under the name of "Free Police", after receiving training in Turkey.

The Turkish occupation continues to consolidate its presence in the areas it occupied following its attack on NE, Syria on October 9 last year.

In order for the Turkish occupation to rule over the region, it works to deploy agents to it in the region under various names.

In this context, local sources told ANHA agency that the Turkish occupation opened a training course for a number of mercenaries in Turkey, under the name "Free Police", and that the course lasted for nearly a month.

The sources explained, that the mercenary elements who were probably trained on intelligence grounds, arrived in the city of Girê Spî, and a ceremony was held for them as "the Free Police".

The sources confirmed to ANHA agency that the ceremony was attended by a number of leaders of the Turkish occupation army, along with mercenary leaders.

The sources pointed out that these mercenaries spread in the city of Girê Spî

 The sources said that the people of Girê Spî know the right to know that these are agents of the Turkish occupation, and their job is an intelligence job, and for this they avoid them, and they may try to get away from their whereabouts.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation was seeking through the Turkish intelligence "MIT" and by various means, especially through some of what was called by clans' notables to stir discord between the Kurds and Arabs in the north, east and Syria regions, and the deployment of these mercenaries in the occupied areas is very the same, to govern their control over the region, and create discord between the components of the region.



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