Under supervision of al-Kazimi… Iraq heroes' operation launched to eradicate ISIS remnants

Mustafa al-Kazimi, Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, arrived on Tuesday to the headquarters of the joint operations in the Kirkuk region to oversee the launch of "Heroes of Iraq" operations.

The "Heroes of Iraq" operation aims to enhance security and stability, dry up the sources of "terrorism", and eradication ISIS remnants in the southwestern areas of Kirkuk and the boundaries between the provinces of Salah al-Din and Kirkuk.

This operation comes after the rise of ISIS mercenary attacks in areas known as the Triangle of Death between the provinces of Diyala, Kirkuk and Salah al-Din.

Last May, ISIS mercenaries launched several armed attacks on Iraqi security sites, killing and wounding people, while the International Coalition Forces carried out air strikes on locations that ISIS mercenaries take as hideouts in Iraq, in support of the new Iraqi government headed by Mustafa al-Kazimi.

The coalition had suspended its air strikes in Iraq following the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove foreign forces from the country during the term of Adel Abdul Mahdi's resigned government.



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