UN Security Council to discuss humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The United Nations Security Council will hold a meeting on Wednesday at the request of the United States to discuss Venezuela's humanitarian crisis.

The Security Council will hold a public meeting Wednesday at 11:00 pm (15:00 GMT) at a request by Washington, which is concerned about the deteriorating political and economic situation in Venezuela and the implications for families and children in the country, diplomats AFP reported.

"Next Wednesday I will address the UN Security Council on the situation in Venezuela," US Vice President Mike Pence said in a speech in Houston of Texas.

Diplomats said the Security Council would meet in public on Wednesday at 11:00 (15:00) GMT.

"The United States will urge the world to renounce the failed Maduro regime, stand by the Venezuelan people and help us end the humanitarian crisis," the vice president said.

"The United States today calls on every country to recognize Juan Guido as President of Venezuela and to stand by freedom," Pens stressed.

In January, the United States and more than 50 states recognized Juan Guido as a transitional president of Venezuela.

Washington asked the Security Council in February to pass a resolution calling for a new presidential election in Venezuela and unhindered access to humanitarian assistance, but Russia and China vetoed it. Human Rights Watch and a group of US health experts published a report on Thursday Where they spoke of a severe shortage of medicines and foodstuffs in Venezuela, in addition to the spread of diseases.



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