UN: Refugees must be returned to areas from which they left

The United Nations has expressed concern about the tragic humanitarian situation in Syria, where more than 11 million people and more than 6 million displaced persons need assistance.

"We are particularly concerned about the safety and protection of some 3 million people in Idlib and surrounding areas in the north-west of the country, including around 1.6 million internally displaced persons," UN spokesman Stephane Dugrik told a news conference at UN headquarters in New York.

"Since hostilities began in late April, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has investigated more than 1,000 civilian casualties as a result of hostilities, hundreds of them children," he said.

On ethnic cleansing against Kurds in NE, Syria, he said: "This is linked to the work of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The United Nations has always insisted on the voluntary and dignified return of refugees to their places of origin.



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