UN: Countries that violate arms embargo to Libya should be held accountable

Participants in the Munich conference on Libya today, Sunday, stressed the need to adhere to the outputs of the Berlin conference held in January 19, and that they monitored the breach of the arms embargo by land and sea.

The meeting stressed the need to abide by the ceasefire in the war-torn country for years, and to ban weapons.

They also discussed the recent violations of the ceasefire and the arms embargo, especially in the capital, Tripoli, which witnessed during the past days renewed clashes.

For his part, the deputy UN envoy to Libya said that: "There must be accountability for countries that violate the arms embargo."

In turn, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: "We are aware of arms smuggling to Libya by sea and land."

Reports were monitored of Turkey continuing to support Al-Sarraj government in Libya with weapons via planes and ships, in addition to the continued transfer of mercenaries from Syria to Libya.


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