​​​​​​​UN calls for military de-escalation, giving priority to peaceful options

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya has warned against the consequences of reprisals by al-Sarraj government forces in Tarhuna city, expressing its concern about the military build-up around the city.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya expressed grave concern about "field developments and military build-up around the city of Tarhuna."

The UN mission reminded all parties of their duties in accordance with international human rights and humanitarian law, warning them of the consequences of "committing any reprisals against civilians."

It  also cautioned the parties against "resorting to arbitrary penalties outside the law, or engaging in the operations of burglary, arson or intentional damage to the public and private property."

Finally, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya called for "a halt to the military escalation and the primacy of peaceful options."

In addition, local sources mentioned that violent clashes broke out this morning between the army forces and the National Accord forces in al-Karrah Poli axis, noting that the Accord forces are trying to advance and control Tarhuna city; the largest stronghold loyal to the caliph Haftar in the Libyan West.

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