Ukrainians choose president of country in second round of elections

Voters in Ukraine vote on Sunday in the second round of presidential elections in a country facing war and seeking a comprehensive change.

The first round of presidential elections was held in Ukraine on 31 March 2019, and as no candidate received an absolute majority of votes, the second round of elections is being held on Sunday.

The Ukrainian Central Election Commission announced the introduction of the comedian actor Volodymyr Zelinsky and current President Petro Poroshenko, and qualified them to the second round.

According to Reuters, the actor Volodymyr Zelinsky issued opinion polls against the current President Petro Boroshenko, whose unsuccessful efforts to tackle corruption and low standards of living led to declining his popularity.

The presidency of a country on the West's front line with Russia is being contested following street protests in 2014 and the Crimean annexation. Both candidates vowed to keep the country on a pro-Western stance. Investors are also seeking to get assurances that whoever will win the elections will accelerate the reforms to sustain the flow of foreign aid and attract much-needed foreign investment.



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