Ukrainian consular visited North, East of Syria

The Honorary Consular of Ukraine, Ferhad Shaker visited the Center for Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, in the framework of the research on the issue of detainees from Daesh and their families who are in the administration in the region.

Following the official visits almost daily of Western and Arab foreign delegations to the regions of north-east Syria, delegations work to communicate and meet with the Autonomous Administration within its institutions in the region, in the context of increased diplomatic and political support, including to communicate for the return of families and children of Daesh to their countries.

In this context, the Ukrainian Honorary Consul in Başûr, "South Kurdistan", Farhad Shaker visited Head of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous  of North and East Syria, and held a meeting between the two sides , the co-chair of Directorate of External Relations the doctor Abedul Karim Omer,  Fanar Al-Kait, Vice-President of the Joint Presidency, Spokesman for the Directorate of External Relations Kamal Akef, member of the administrative body in the Directorate Sana Dham "

According to Kamal Akef told the agency's correspondent ANHA during a telephone conversation about the outcome of the meeting: "We discussed several topics, the most important of which is the reality of the region and the mechanism of the Autonomous Administration, the state of the mercenaries' families arrested by SDF in the region  and the fate of these families of Daesh. "

Several Western and American delegations visited the regions of northern and eastern Syria during the past few days, including the Belgian delegation and the European American. Observers confirm that these visits come in light of the military victories achieved by the people of the region against global terrorism of Daesh mercenaries and the achievements of the Autonomous Administration which amazed the world which gathered all the components of the region under one banner.



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