UAE newspaper: USA is targeting inner circle of Hezbollah's Lebanese allies

The relations between Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Iran are a focus of ire for the White House, the English-language newspaper (The National)  of UAE said.


According to the newspaper, the United States is preparing sanctions against allies of Lebanon's parliamentary speaker Nabih Berri on account of his longstanding ties with Hezbollah and Iran.

The measures could embroil officials in Mr Berri's political party as well as its financial backers, according to sources with knowledge of the US plans. The potential action came under discussion during Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's recent visit to Beirut, triggering a scramble over the past week by Mr Berri to try and avoid American censure.

Two MPs and Mr Berri's spokesman are expected to land in Washington on Sunday for several days of talks with US officials aimed at minimising the scope of any sanctions.

Hezbollah, Iran's political and military proxy in Lebanon, holds three seats in Lebanon's cabinet and is allied in government with Mr Berri's Amal Movement, as well as the Free Patriotic Movement of President Michel Aoun.



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