Two women from Serekaniye: 11 days ago, we were under occupation shelling

"We have been here for 11 days, with no bread and no water because of the besieging of the city," she said.

In the streets of Serekaniye, destroyed and besieged by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, the people are still resisting the occupation.

JIN news reporter Ruken Jamal, who monitors the situation within the city, met two women on the streets of the city where they stayed with their families of seven people.

"We have been here for 11 days. There is no bread, no water, no medicine. We stayed alone here. We cannot leave the house or the city because of the shelling," the two women told the reporter.

They said in the colloquial language, "look at our situation under the shelling, and we are helpless, May God extinguish this fire, God willing, we would not leave home, we were safe in our country and we lived in peace, there was no trouble" referring to the safety in the city before the attacks of Turkish occupation army.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to launch attacks on the city of Serekaniye and the city hospital packed with civilian wounded, where the resistance entered the 11th day.


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