Two mercenaries killed in HRE op

Two mercenaries were killed during an operation by the Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) in the vicinity of al-Mukhtar farm in Tal al-Madiq village in al-Shahba areas.

The Afrin liberation forces continue their daily operations against the Turkish occupation army and mercenary groups affiliated to it.

The Afrin Liberation Forces published a written statement on the latest operation.

"On August 13, our forces detonated two explosive devices with a group of elements of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the vicinity of Mukhtar hamlet related to Tal al-Mudiq village in Shahba areas, during which two mercenaries were killed, followed by a clash of medium weapons between our forces and mercenaries which results were not known.

At the same time, the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries shelled the villages of Shara (Marnaz - Al-Malikiyah) and the villages of Al-Shahba (Tal Al-Mudiq, Samuqa and Umm Hosh) with heavy weapons and armed drones which caused physical damage to civilian property.


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