Two Kurdish blocs announce a merger

The Kurdistan Peace Movement and the Kurdish Azadi Party's Wing known as Omar Ali's wing have announced reaching a "unity of integration" within the framework of an independent Kurdish framework during a statement.


On Saturday, the Political Department of the Kurdistan Peace Movement in Syria issued a statement to the public opinion, in which it announced its integrating unity with the Kurdish Azadi Party's Wing known as the wing of Omar Ali (Abu Ghassan).

The statement said,

"The unifying statement between the Kurdish Azadi Party's Wing known as the wing of Omar Ali / Abu Ghassan / and the Kurdistan Peace Movement.

Our Kurdish people in Kurdistan, Syria and abroad.

Kurdish and national forces and parties.

Let us work together to:

A mass movement embodies the aspirations of the Kurdish national people in Kurdistan Syria.

Activating the role of the masses and independent personalities, pooling the potentials and capabilities of the Kurdish people in Syria and securing the legitimate national rights of the Kurdish people in Syria and the rights of all other minorities.

Brothers and Sisters:

The Kurdish people who have suffered from murder, detention and forced displacement by successive dictatorial and chauvinistic authorities are the most powerful and racist authority is the Baath party in Syria. The Kurdish people in Syria continue to suffer, face the fateful challenges and live difficult conditions, especially the aggressive battle imposed on the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular.

The intransigence of the Chauvinistic authority and its dictatorial practices created the conditions for the entry of the terrorist groups from all over the world, especially IS' mercenaries, with the support of some regional and international countries and the tyrannical regimes of Kurdistan, as well as the conditions for the major powers to move towards Syria under various pretexts that turned Syria into a square of international war in which the most powerful counties are conflicting for their interests at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people in general and the Kurdish people in particular.

Sincere Friends,

In order to give priority to the arrangement of the Kurdish House to face together the dangers of this dangerous stage we are going through as a people and as a political movement, we emphasize the need to keep the doors open to all those who have the desire or willingness, whether personalities or movements or parties of the Kurdish national forces to achieve more monotheistic steps to serve our cause, especially at this sensitive stage that we are going through and which requires all good forces to work with all strength and sincerity for it.

In conclusion, we salute the steadfastness and sacrifices of the Kurdish people in the face of their enemies.

We pay tribute to the martyrs of freedom and independence of Kurdistan.

A tribute to the mothers of our worthy martyrs.

A salute to the Kurdish people in Kurdistan in general and Kurdistan Syria in particular. "



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