Turkmen women reject Russian aid, demand dismissing Turkish occupation

Turkmen women from the village of Hiyala, in the district of Surin, south of the city of Kobani, rejected the aid the Russian military police offered them, and demanded the removal of the Turkish occupation from their areas.

In a video clip showing Turkmen women rejecting the assistance that the Russian military police gave them, and they told them: "We just want nothing but to get the Turkish occupation out of the region."

"Everything is available to us, and we do not need any help thanks to the presence of the SDF who are providing us with everything," the women continued.

The women called on the Russian military police to protect the borders from the attacks of the Turkish occupation, which aims to invade the area.

The Turkish occupation army launched attacks on Serekaniye and Gire Spi regions in October 9 of 2019, and committed many massacres against civilians and the displacement of the population.



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